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Room 2 - Emilia Romagna

PV.sala 2

PV.892.Lorenzo Sabbatini.Adorazione dei Magi

Room 2 is dedicated to the Emilian paintings, from the end of XIVth to the last years of XVIth century.

The Virgin of Humility with the Saints Cosmas, Christopher, Damian represents the traditional iconography of the Virgin sitting on a pillow, usually associated with The Virgin nursing the Child. At the bottom, inside little arches with plant motifs, the twin saints flank Cristopher carrying the Christ Child on his shoulders. The painting is assigned to Cristoforo di Jacopo, a Bolognese master known also as "del biondo", documented between XIVth and XVth century.

The first half of the XVth century is characterized by the influence of illuminated books, pruduced in this region, not only in the conventual libraries, but also in the important universities of Bologna and Ferrara. This trend is shown in the Crucifixion by Stefano da Ferrara and in The Agony in the Garden of Gethsemane, attributed to the anonymous Second master of the Sagra di Carpi.

A different style, depending on the Ferrarese and German artistic culture - like Dürer -, is visible in the next two paintings: the Christ Carrying the Cross by Bernardino Zaganelli, a typical private-devotional iconography of the end of the XVth century and the Saint Jerome in the desert by Garofalo, a painter influenced by Dosso Dossi and also by Roman and Venetian school painting.

The last pictures are the Adoration of the Magi by Lorenzo Sabbatini, a Bolognese painter who worked in the Vatican for Pope Gregory XIII Boncompagni (1572-85), and the Lamentation over the Dead Christ by Lelio Orsi, an artist close in style to the Correggio and to the naturalistic poetry of Northern European culture. In this room are visible also two Marchigian wood sculptures of the XIIIth century, representing

The Magi, copies of the similar figures preserved in the Palazzo Arcivescovile of Fabriano, and originally part of a Nativity Scene.

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